Disabled Vet Speaking FREELY…With NO Apologies!


REAL Americans Unite…BOYCOTT The NFL!



“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. – Wal-Mart founder, Sam Walton


I usually don’t like to give the ingrate, over paid, multi-millionaire, anti-American hood rats of the NFL any more of a soapbox than they already have, but I feel I must address their leftist, anti-America antics.

Now, sports, especially football, has always been an American pastime, whether it was Friday night HS football games (as I used to attend at Hialeah HS, especially when we’d play our arch-rivals…the Carol City Chiefs…and, before each game everyone stood while a prayer was said and the national anthem sung…and, NO ONE bitched, cried or complained – not even the hippies!), or college games on Saturday afternoons; or the pros on Sunday, or Monday night football.

Everyone…for those few hours, would ‘check’ their respective political and personal views and biases at the proverbial door. The games were where ALL Americans could come out and enjoy the game and be ‘United as One.’

But sadly, along with just about every other true American tradition, the left has, for decades, been slowly chipping away at anything and everything AMERICAN! Starting with removing GOD and prayer from our schools to being “offended” by the AMERICAN FLAG, and everything in-between. Now, like the ‘Nazis’ they are…they want to completely abolish our National Anthem!

I watched our prez this past Friday when he spoke at a campaign rally in Alabama, and…to the (OHHH MY GAWD...), shock and awe of our libtard pals, who went batshit crazy when Trump said: “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!”

He followed it up by saying: “If a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL, or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect our Great American Flag (or Country) and should stand for the National Anthem,…If not, YOU’RE FIRED. Find something else to do!”

Indeed, Mr. President, we REAL Americans are behind ya 1000%, sir!

The prez then tweeted: “If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!” He followed that up by another tweet: “NFL attendance and ratings are WAY DOWN…Boring games yes, but many stay away because they love our country. League should back U.S.”

And, the president is correct about NFL attendance going down…and its gonna continue to decline, believe me!

According to Cleveland.com, ratings for NBC’s broadcast of “Sunday Night Football” were down…AGAIN! Coincidence or are players’ anti-American antics to blame? Hmmm…

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the game between the Raiders and Redskins pulled in a 11.6 overnight rating. That number represents the low-mark for the telecast during the three-week old season and is down 9 percent over last week and 11 percent from last year.

Heading into this past weekend, NFL ratings were down 9 percent, PolitiFact reported.

And for the loser naysayers on the left who may deny this fact, may I remind them that this season is just getting started…let’s see what the final results are after this season. Also…need we remind them when they mocked us – and the prez – during the campaign last year when they said “NO WAY” would Trump be elected? Never underestimate the power and strength in OUR numbers, my friends…especially veterans!

As WH correspondent Jared Rizzi correctly stated, the president’s remarks were referring to players who disrespect the U.S. flag, NOT all the players! Race has nothing to do with it!

But, as is par for the course, that didn’t stop our looney, loser, anti-America friends on the left to twist his words into a pretzel.

Libtard commie WaPo WH reporter and CNN “political analyst” Abby Phillip stated that Trump referenced Colin Kaepernick. Uhhh….NOT, ya asshole Numerous players have kneeled during the national anthem besides that (now unemployed) hood rat ‘ape.’

And, while we’re on the subject of ‘Kaep,’ we REAL Americans hate Kaep because he hates America! The commie maggot sports Fidel Castro t-shirts, wears socks depicting policemen as pigs, and refuses to rise for a flag so many have fallen to defend. When the fucker drops dead, I’d love to visit his grave just to shit on it!

Kaep alleges that he and his ‘ape’ player pals are protesting blacks in poverty as well as not being treated “fairly” by police, yet WHY aren’t they focusing their efforts in the inner cities to help these ‘poor black youths’? NONE of these sanctimonious NFL “protesters” have donated one dime to the inner city youth programs! Oh yeah…like the double murderer and convicted armed robber, O.J. Simpson, they all live in lily-WHITE neighborhoods!!

We hate fucktard Roger Goodell because he not only plays games, but he rigs them (with Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, and Ezekiel Elliot). When the league’s fans demand action, he goes into Hamlet mode—as in the Ray Rice case when he repeatedly changed the nature of the punishment from a two-game to a six-game to an indefinite suspension. Fans marvel that the man presiding over the decline of football as the marquee American sport gets a new contract rather than fired.

Then, asshole Goodell has the unmitigated gall to say, “Divisive comments like this demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities.”


Trump’s comments demonstrate an “unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL…”? FUCK THE NFL, and all those over-paid, snotty little commies that you call “players”!

If the sorry POS wants to see “divisive” and a “lack of respect,” turn on an NFL game and watch these hood rats making millions refuse to stand up for two minutes during the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Hell, after bleeding viewers last season, Monday Night Football shows a 5% decline this season, Sunday Night Football registers a 7% dip, and regular Sunday afternoon games post double-digit drops! Look at the empty seats in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Fans repeatedly tell pollsters that on-field protests rank as the top reason why their eyes go elsewhere on Sunday.

And, as I mentioned – just watch their Nielsen ratings plummet – and Trump’s Gallup numbers rise!

And…there’s a firestorm about boycotting the NFL and their advertisers on social media…and, on FB, yours truly here is getting the veteran and other REAL Americans stirred up also!

The following posts are what I wrote on my FB page over the week-end:

“What the Left fails to comprehend (or simply refuses to admit), is that removing ANY statue, flag, quote-s, etc from ANY public place – INCLUDING gov’t places…under the guise of “being offensive,” is in reality nothing more than not only political correctness, but totalitarianism! After all…there will always be some of those things that “offend” someone and/or some group of people…somewhere! So, who decides what is to be “removed”? Looking back at ANY despot regime, even going back to biblical times, ALL totalitarian regimes started by REMOVING / DESTROYING various objects, statues, etc. I would also challenge anyone to show me where- in the US Constitution or Bill of Rights that it “violates” someone’s rights if they’re “offended.” SHEESH!!! Will we never learn?”

“The ONLY thing the NFL understands is $$$$! If fans ever have the collective balls and backbone to not only BOYCOTT the games – BOTH by attending AND watching on tv, as well as BOYCOTTING the advertisers, watch ratings fall even more, and attendance at games fall off. What family would want to pay the exorbitant prices tickets cost nowadays to be INSULTED on the playing field or court and ENDANGERED by Antifa and BLM THUGS coming and going from the game? I, for one say FUCK the NFL, their advertisers AND the UN-American players who disrespect this country!!”

My son, Dylan (who also served honorably in the USMC), put a “like” on them, and I replied:

“EXACTLY, son! Every one of these arrogant, spoiled, ingrate miscreants is a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE…yet they have the unmitigated gall to say that this country has not been “fair” to them?!! RIGHT! Cry me a river of tears, huh? Anyway, my next blog post will address this whole issue – as well as educate these moronic libtard lefties…stay tuned.”

Now, many on the left will say that these commie bastard players are simply “exercising their 1st Amendment rights.” Uhhh…not so fast, snowflakes.

Legal experts have been bombarded by questions, and asked one simple question: Can the NFL legally do what the president wants them to do? More to the point, can NFL players be fired for exercising their constitutional right to free speech in this way?

All agreed that the Constitution limits what government can do on this front, but not what private companies like the NFL can do. “The First Amendment to the US Constitution is specifically designed to limit government officials and not private businesses,” Keith Whittington, a professor at Princeton University stated.

Ultimately, “this is a contracts question, not a constitutional question,” says Jessica Levinson, a law professor at Loyola Law School. “The issue boils down to whether or not NFL owners have the contractual right to fire players for this type of behavior. The answer is ‘likely yes.’”

Susan Bloch, law professor, Georgetown University, stated: “The NFL is not the government, so the Constitution does not limit the NFL’s actions. So no, the US Constitution would not prevent a player from being dismissed.”

Keith Whittington, politics professor, Princeton University, stated: “The NFL is constrained in how it treats players by its own collective bargaining agreement, but the First Amendment to the US Constitution is specifically designed to limit government officials and not private businesses. From a constitutional perspective, the players could be sanctioned by their employers for exercising their right to free expression.”

Steven Duke, law professor, Yale University: “Unless firing by the NFL is “state action,” and I doubt it is, nothing in the Constitution would preclude the firing. The First Amendment is a limitation on government power only.”

Need I say more?

Additionally, it would behoove these hood rats (as well as imbeciles like Goodell and the players’ union), to re-read the players’ contract they all agreed to and signed! It clearly states that the players shall NOT engage in any activity that would be “detrimental” to the game/sport/league. Now, it would seem to me that if the NFL, as well as their advertisers start losing literally MILLIONS of $$$’s as a direct result of this un-American ‘kneeling,’ then that most certainly would be “detrimental”!

Their contracts also state: “Player accepts such employment. He agrees to give his best efforts and loyalty to the Club, and to conduct himself on and off the field with appropriate recognition of the fact that the success of professional football depends largely on public respect for and approval of those associated with the game.” – (my emphasis)


I also find it odd that the leftie losers would even bring up the 1st Amendment issue. Why? Because it would seem to me that Tim Tebow was also exercising his 1st Amendment right when he kneeled in prayer on the field. Yet, the godless heathens mocked him by referring to it as “Teebowing”.



Can y’all spell “HYPOCRITES”?

I must also give kudos (and respect) to a few REAL Americans and organizations.

Alejandro Villanueva deserves praise for standing solo to respect the American flag.

The Steelers offensive tackle stepped out onto the sidelines to put his hand over his chest and stand tall during the national anthem Sunday in Chicago as the rest of his team remained in the tunnel, and he did so without his team’s knowledge or, it seems, full acceptance.


Alejandro Villanueva, decorated combat vet…respecting OUR FLAG AND COUNTRY!

Head coach Mike Tomlin said the team held a players-only meeting Saturday to discuss their options. Whatever they did, Tomlin said, they would do 100 percent. They could not come to an agreement whether to stand, sit or kneel as a team, and so they decided to abstain from the anthem entirely (which was then construed as its own protest, such is the pick-a-side nature of the situation).

But, Alejandro was having none of it! Unlike his commie coach and teammates, here was a REAL American hero! You see, Villanueva, is a former US Army captain and an Army Ranger who earned a Bronze Star for valor and served three tours of duty in Afghanistan.

We then have REAL American and another hero, , Pat Tillman, who gave up NFL glory to put on a uniform. He laid down his life on April 22, 2004, in Afghanistan, in part to ensure that these ungrateful players would retain the right to take a knee.


Pat Tillman, true American Patriot and Hero!


And last year, CenturyLink, made quite clear where it stands on the issue of standing up for America by yanking its endorsement of Denver Bronco’s linebacker Brandon Marshall, one of the players who made headlines by protesting the national anthem.

“We completely respect Brandon Marshall’s personal decision and right to take an action to support something in which he strongly believes,” CenturyLink announced in a statement. “America is anchored in the right of individuals to express their beliefs. While we acknowledge Brandon’s right, we also believe that whatever issues we face, we also occasionally must stand together to show our allegiance to our common bond as a nation. In our view, the national anthem is one of those moments. For this reason, while we wish Brandon the best this season, we are politely terminating our agreement with him.”

CenturyLink’s announcement follows a similar one issued by the Air Academy Federal Credit Union, which likewise informed Marshall and the public that they’d no longer be sending him a check.

Then there’s billionaire Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys – affectionately known as “America’s Team” – on the side of President Donald Trump as he has denounced NFL players’ protests of the U.S. flag and National Anthem.

“I do not think the place to express yourself in society is as we recognize the American flag and all the people that have made this great country – the very opportunity for us to be there in front of the nation,” Jones told Fox Business’ “Mornings With Maria.”

“So that’s not the place to do anything but honor the flag and everybody that’s given up a little for it.”


Lastly, a ‘salute’ to NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series team owners who did not support those within their organization to protest during the national anthem before Sunday’s race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Richard Childress team owner of drivers Ryan Newman, Austin Dillon and Paul Menard and longtime car owner of Dale Earnhardt, said any protest of the anthem will “get you a ride on a Greyhound bus.”

“Anybody that works for me should respect the country we live in. So many people gave their lives for it. This is America,” Childress, a NASCAR Hall of Famer said, via the Associated Press.

Hall of Fame driver Richard Petty and current team owner of the No. 43 Cup Series team of Aric Almirola agrees with Trump.

“Anybody that don’t stand up for the anthem oughta be out of the country. Period. What got ’em where they’re at? The United States,” Petty said, adding that any protester within his organization “would be fired!”

Thank you, all…you are indeed REAL Americans.

Let all REAL Americans unite and boycott the NFL, it’s advertisers and any and all other ‘persons, places and things’ associated with it! Hell, spend your hard earned $$$ and go see a NASCAR race.



My Open Letter to “Rocket Man”




Dear Supreme Leader…err…or do you demand to be called Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea? Uhhh…or would it be Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army?

Aww fuck it…let me start over….

Dear Ping Pong…(hmmm…naw)…Dear Fat Ass…

Awww, hell, I like Trump’s “Rocket Man” designation for ya, so….

Dear “Rocket Man”:

You obviously don’t know me. But hey…I ain’t no one special or important. I’m just a 63-year old proud American citizen, who served my country as a UNITED STATES MARINE during the Vietnam war long before you were even thought of by your late, despot daddy and mommy.

My late dad served in the South Pacific Theater during WWII, and I had two brothers who also served our country during ‘Nam, and an uncle who served in the USMC during Korea – at the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir (aka, the ‘Frozen Chosin Reservoir’).

No one in my family who served our country “liked” or “enjoyed” war. However, when our country needed us…we voluntarily enlisted and served honorably and proudly…and, would do so again if we could!

But I gotta tell ya, Kimmie boy, I am very concerned that the shit you’re pulling these days might lead to a Third World War. And golly gee, Rocket Man, let’s be honest, a WWIII at this point in time sure would be very inconvenient for everyone, huh?

Hell…I gotta ask ya…why do ya keep playing with your missiles? Just a little over a week or so ago, ya fired a ballistic missile over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido – the second to fly over Japan in less than a month!

I mean, c’mon, Ping Pong…less than six years into your reign, you’ve tested more missiles than your old man and grandpappy combined. And this year has been no exception. Prior to your most recent launch, your shit hole country has fired 21 missiles during 14 tests since February.

And, what’s up with firing missiles at Guam? Do you really want to kick that hornet’s nest?

You gotta understand, boy – that if one of your Hwasong-12 missiles splashes down within 20 miles of our territory, you can expect a Hellfire missile to land within 20 feet of wherever YOU happen to be standing…or sitting…or sleeping, whether its in your living room; bathroom; bedroom; dining table…wherever!

You also best understand that President Trump is not Obozo (that’s what I call our former prez…Obama). Trump ain’t gonna draw a ‘red line’ and dare ya to cross it – and then, if and when ya do…he’ll back away.

That’s why I’m urging you to knock off the bullshit with your silly ass nuclear tests as soon as possible and maybe start concentrating on the things in life that are really important.

Instead of wasting time on nuclear tests, why not spend your time building up your country’s economy, Kimmie? Or maintaining good relations with all your neighboring countries? And how about letting your people be FREE…and allow them basic human rights? Stop murdering people because they call ya a “fat fuck,” “baby blow hard,” “looney tune, batshit little tyrant,” etc. Btw…didn’t ya even kill your own uncle?!

Ya really need to grow up and mature, lard ass…get some thick-skin. Words never killed anyone (well, unless they were critical words spoken about you from someone in your country that ya could get your pudgy little fingers on).

I also gotta tell ya…speaking of your ‘neighboring countries’, before you started with your ‘war game’ shenanigans, very few of us even knew where North Korea was on the world map.

But hey, I have one of those round, world globes here in my man cave, and…much to my surprise, I could see for myself that your funny little country is in close proximity to both Japan and North America. In fact, with a bit of luck you might be able to hit both Tokyo and Chi-town.

One of your rockets recently flew right over Japan they say, and landed in the sea. Thank God you missed. Hitting Japan would have been really rude, Kimmie. Have a heart! The poor Japanese people are still trying to cope with the effects of that devastating tsunami. Why would you want to make life even more difficult for them?

Not to mention the good people of Chi-town. Surely they don’t deserve to be surprised by atomic bombs. (I don’t know anyone there, but I’m sure there are a lot of good people in Chi-town.)

Anyway, “Little Rocket Man” (that’s what President Trump called ya last night at a rally in Alabama…heheheheee….), you better beware of our new prez. He’s NOT like our last prez (HUSSEIN Obozo). Our new guy really doesn’t like you.

Frankly, Kimmie baby, we’d always thought, that if a WWIII ever did happen, it would be set off by some crazy raghead who posts poor quality videos on YouTube of people cutting off other people’s heads with subtitles in a funny ferin’ language no-one understands.

Hell…sonny, most of us here in America never thought that IF a WWIII broke out, it might happen because of a funny little midget like you. In a way, you’re kinda cute – sort of remind us of the Pillsbury Doughboy…you know, that cute, little fat guy in our tv commercials who gives that girlie giggle of “teeheehee…” when he gets poked in his fat little belly.



But seriously, Mr. “Little Rocket Man,” now I’m no psychiatrist or any type of shrink, but gee, guy…it’s pretty obvious that you have a problem with anger management. You seem to have grudges against a lot of people.

Why not do what other people with grudges do? Write an angry email (hell, feel free to write one to me…I can always use some extra shit paper in case I run out), sue them, do an interview, record a CD? Why threaten them with nuclear toys?

HEY…I have a better idea, Chubby. In the interest of world peace and tranquility, how about coming down yonder here to Florida and just you and I can go hog hunting out in ‘Glades! I can show ya around, introduce ya to some of my veteran friends, and so on. I even have one of those orange hunting vests ya can have (after all, I wouldn’t want to mistake ya for a wild hog and ‘accidentally’ shoot ya). And…who knows, we may even come across a big ol’ florida gator…or two…or three.

In closing here, Little Rocket Man, I feel it only fair to let ya know that the United States is not very good at playing this pissing-contest game. You see, a while back, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev aimed a couple of missiles at us, and the Kennedy boys came within a sand flea’s ass of lighting up their world. I was 9-years old at the time, and recall that we all practiced diving under our desks in elementary school.

Then there was the former despot of Libya, Muammar Qaddafi, who attempted to play chicken with President Ronald Reagan. After fucking with one of our Navy jets, Qaddafi ended up with a laser-guided bomb in his living room.

The year after that, Reagan told Gorbachev of the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall, which he did. Right away.

And, let’s not forget about Saddam Hussein. When he fucked with one of our allies, President George H.W. Bush kicked his ass back to Baghdad. That should have been lesson enough, but Hussein foolishly taunted President George W. Bush, who decided to terminate his regime.

I’m also sure it doesn’t sit well when someone like Sen. John McCain calls you the “crazy fat kid,” but hey, go ahead and do the same to him. He’s used to being called a RINO. Remember, though, he’s a former Navy pilot who now sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, so it’s not very smart to threaten our air and naval bases in Guam.

I know ya hate for the people in North Korea (and the world), to see you get embarrassed publicly by our prez’s name-calling and all – but hey…go ahead and make fun of him. Make fun of his hair. Do what our American liberal friends do and tell him he’s ‘in bed’ with the Russians. Hell…ya can even bullshit some, and tell everyone he’s a “Hillary plant.”

But before you launch one too many toy rockets, and the possibility of one of them (be it accidental or not), threaten OUR country or our allies – please review the history lesson above. After all, I’m sure you would be embarrassed if President Trump used the full force of our U.S. military to publicly ‘spank’ your little fat ass after you have one of your emotional juvenile outbursts. Not to mention your country going the way of Sodom and Gomorrah and being destroyed with “brimstone and fire”!


Mike the Marine (USMC, 1971-1973)



Methinks “Rocket Man’s” Days Are Numbered


“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission, and… [if Kim attacks the United States], “we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.” – President Trump, in his speech to the United Nations


It would behoove the fat little fuck, Kim “Rocket Man” Jong Un to realize that he’s not dealing with a prez who will bow down to our enemies and acquiesce to despots like “Rocket Man”, as our last Occupier of the WH had!


When – if ever – will the losers on the Left realize that we no longer have a pussy, politically correct POS in the WH?

REAL Americans welcomed the breath of ‘fresh air’ by President Trump’s “open” and “blunt” speech to the United Nations Tuesday. Trump’s words needed to be said! And…he had the balls to say ’em!

“This is the international UN version of ‘draining the swamp,'” Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., told Fox News. “He went in there and was extremely blunt…That was exactly the message that needed to be sent.”

Bret Baier, chief political anchor at Fox News, called the president’s speech “strong,” “bold” and “direct.”

Even Mitt Romney welcomed Trump’s challenge to UN members by Tweeting:

“President Trump gave a strong and needed challenge to UN members to live up
to its charter and to confront global challenges.”

And… former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton tweeted:

“.@realDonaldTrump’s #UNGA speech was his best yet as President. He was clear & direct in his criticisms of #NorthKorea & #Iran.”

Trump’s critics don’t seem to realize that the days of appeasement, kissing rings and bowing before foreign leaders are (thankfully) gone.

Someone needed to wipe that smug smile off of that fat little piece of shit “Rocket Man” Jong Un, and Trump was just the man to do it!

Look, no one can deny the many stark differences between how Trump and Obozo addressed the UN. Everything from policy toward Israel and Iran, to the use of nicknames to ridicule dictators before saying they will be “totally destroyed.”

One of the many changes in cadence and posturing by the two, was one moment in the speech that separates them more than any: the full-throated ripping of the bark off the political ideologies of socialism and communism. As Trump savaged the socialist and communist dictatorships of Venezuela and Cuba, he said:

“The socialist dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro has inflicted terrible pain and suffering on the good people of that country. This corrupt regime destroyed a prosperous nation, by imposing a failed ideology that has produced poverty and misery everywhere it has been tried.”

Trump went on to call Venezuela a “collapsing” regime and said its people are “starving” under “disastrous rule.”

Can any of our libo pals deny that?

Trump then said something Americans have not heard since Ronald Reagan. Trump savaged communism and socialism as failed ideologies, lambasting and lampooning the nations that practice it. Trump said:

“The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented. From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure.”

Upon saying this line, the United Nations floor burst into applause. A quick shot of the reactions shows many delegations laughing and applauding.

Of course, the ‘AmeriKKKans’ on the left, I’m sure will defend communism and socialism – as always. Yet, if those ideologies are so “great”, what the hell are the lefties still doing living here in OUR country!!

Those who may say that “Kennedy didn’t call Castro or Khrushchev names like Trump did to Kim Jong- Un, he acted the way an intelligent, controlled leader is expected to – at least by sane citizens,” well…translated, it just means that our libo friends want Trump to be politically correct – like Obozo and JFK. Hey…who gives a shit if we insult and piss off our enemies?

Trump then continued:

“As a responsible neighbor and friend, we and all others have a goal — that goal is to help them regain their freedom, recover their country, and restore their democracy.”

My friends, this was truly Trump’s ‘Reagan’ moment. This was Trump’s Axis of Evil speech. This was America First as policy.

Trump turned patriotism — love of one’s own country, and what he called the necessary basis for sacrifice and “all that is best in the human spirit” — into the basis for international cooperation to solve problems that nations must face together. “The true question,” he said, is “are we still patriots?” If we are, we can work together for “a future of dignity and peace for the people of this wonderful Earth.” This was a useful, principled, and accurate reminder that the nation-state (a term he used) remains the key to world politics, and that successful nation-states will be the key to addressing the world’s challenges.

He also carefully distinguished between the vicious and corrupt regime in Iran, “whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos,” and “the good people of Iran,” adding that “Iran’s people are what their leaders fear the most” after only “the vast military power of the United States.” And then, as I previously mentioned, on North Korea, he delivered the line that may be the most quoted: He said of Kim Jong-un that “Rocket Man is on a suicide mission” and told the delegates that if Kim attacks the United States, “we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”


Trump will also NOT do as Obozo did and weaken our military, as well as to use it as a social experiment for pc BULLSHIT!!

Many may also ask why Trump didn’t talk about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Well, he (Trump) wants to get a deal done, as he reiterated when meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, but he realizes that the conflict is not central to world politics or even to stability and peace in the Middle East. So it had no place in this text.

His criticism of the UN was clear, hitting everything from the hypocrisy of allowing tyrannical regimes to serve as members of the Human Rights Council to its bloated bureaucracy, but every criticism was combined with a call for improvement and a pledge of cooperation. He held out the picture of a better UN able to confront and solve many of the world’s problems.

He also discussed the absence of freedom when he criticized dictatorships, as in “the enduring dream of the Cuban people to live in freedom” and the American goal to help the people of Venezuela “regain their freedom.” Yet he did note the grand alliances that had “tilted the world toward freedom since World War II,” and in his peroration he said “we will fight together, sacrifice together, and stand together for peace, for freedom, for justice . . . ”

True Americans will call this speech a real success. This was a rare speech in that chamber, which has been filled with decades of lies, hypocrisy, and globaloney. Trump paid the organization and the delegates the courtesy of telling them squarely how his administration sees the world.

Lastly, as I’ve admitted here in the past, I don’t always agree with Trump, but it was refreshing to hear a REAL POTUS finally call the UN on its over reach and to let them know that the US of A intends to put its own citizens first for a change!

What disgusts me, as always, was how quickly the MSM jumped in to twist and turn what Trump said and to outright lie more than once, about the intent of his words. I would suggest that anyone who is interested in the truth, watch his speech, in its entirety, for themselves. Don’t take the word of the MSM for anything!

Anyway, GREAT SPEECH, Mr. President…now, to “Rocket Man”…bring it on if ya feel froggy, motherfucker!!



YO…Kim “Ping Pong…Rocket Man” Jong Un…This One’s For You, Ya Fat Little Fuck!!



Were the So-Called Hurricane “Experts” Just Trying to Cover Their Collective Political and Professional Asses?



WTF?!! You’d have better luck predicting what number would come up on a roulette wheel in Vegas!!


Okay…thank God that Irma is now history. But what did we learn from her, as well as many others’ in regards to the forecasts and “predicted future paths”?

Not a helluva lot if ya ask me.

Granted, I don’t claim to be a meteorologist or any type of weather “expert.” But I, for one, do expect the ‘experts’ to at least be somewhat accurate in their reporting of hurricanes and their projected paths, as opposed to willy-nilly predictions. Hell…we could go to a psychic for “predictions.”

Nor do I expect them to be 100% accurate, after all – the only one who knows for sure is God.

But, watching the various news outlets as Irma got stronger and was approaching Florida, I noticed that ‘cone’ ( “cone of uncertainty, is it?), kept getting bigger and bigger, damn near covering half the southeastern and northeastern states!

Let’s also not pretend that hurricane forecasting isn’t, as one blogger put it, a “cash cow of the station.” Sure it is. It’s also political.

Like the MSM, the entertainment industry, and academia, discrimination against conservo or even pragmatic and honest thought is in full effect when it comes to hiring meteorologists. For the most part, if you don’t worship at the altar of the “evil of man-made global warming” and political correctness, you can’t get hired at The Weather Channel, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or even most local television news stations.

Beyond that fact is the reality that the “forecasters” with their “European” and “American” models — as well as every other spaghetti noodle model they could slap on the screen — have been decidedly inaccurate when it came to Irma and Florida.

Hell, Rush Limbaugh was well within his rights to question the motivations of some in the media and the various weather services with regard to Irma and Hurricane “forecasts,” and Hurricane “hype.”

I’m beginning to equate weather “forecasters” to political pundits and economists. They all factor a great deal of guesswork into their predictions with the weather forecasters often coming up a poor third in terms of accuracy.

One forecaster on The Weather Channel, Bryan Norcross (shown below), loved using buzz words like “catastrophic,” “devastating,” “monster, killer storm,” and so on.


Now, for those who may not be aware, *Norcross’ first broadcasting job was as a disc jockey on WTAI, an AM station in Melbourne, Fla working there part-time in 1968 and 1969. During college in Tallahassee, Florida he worked on the air at WTAL-AM and WFSU-FM.

Norcross started in television as an engineer at WFSU-TV in Tallahassee, Fla while in college, moving to WXIA-TV (then WQXI-TV) in Atlanta as a maintenance engineer/technical director after graduation in 1972. At that station he was promoted to acting Production Manager in 1974 before being transferred to KUSA-TV (then KBTV) in Denver in 1975 as the evening director of the station’s newscasts. In 1976 Norcross was assigned to produce (and for over a year direct as well) the 10:00 pm news which became the market’s highest rated news program. In 1977, Norcross was promoted and transferred to WLKY-TV in Louisville as News Director. His first day on the job a massive snow storm hit the city. He was the only one able to get to the television station and went on the air with the help of two overnight engineers, providing the city the only TV coverage of the storm. In 1979 he returned to Florida State University for a masters program.

Upon receiving his Master’s Degree in 1980, Norcross became the first weekend weathercaster on CNN when it signed on in June of that year. Later that year he moved to KGO-TV in San Francisco to do the weekend weather and science reports during the week. In 1981 he returned to Atlanta as Executive Producer for Documentaries and Magazines at WTBS, handling many of Ted Turner’s pet projects. At the same time he was the weekend meteorologist on WXIA-TV.

In 1983, Norcross moved to Miami as weekend meteorologist for WPLG the ABC affiliate. In 1984 he moved to the 5:30 news where he created a concept called Neighborhood Weather where the weather was done as part of a live feature every day. In 1990, he moved to WTVJ, the NBC-owned station, as Chief Meteorologist.

He joined WFOR as Director of Meteorology in 1996. In 2006, he gave up day-to-day weathercasting responsibilities to concentrate on hurricanes and emergency communications issues.

Norcross now works for the Weather Channel as a Hurricane Specialist where he has been since 2010.* (* source: Wikipedia)

But then, this ‘genius’ Norcross would seem to contradict himself by saying things like, “We’re not sure exactly where Irma might go. Maybe to the the far right – missing land altogether, or…maybe to the left ‘a little’ and up SE Fla. And perhaps continue west to SW Fla.”

Seriously? Really? Ya need to waste thousands upon thousands of $$$’s on meteorology and atmospheric sciences degrees to ‘predict’ THAT?! I could have told y’all those things…may go here, may go there, may go anywhere…we gotta wait until it gets here to see where it goes...maybe….”

The blogger I previously mentioned here, also went on to say that decades ago, they would give a “one-day” forecast. But then Station B across town went to a “two-day” forecast. So then they countered with a “three-day” forecast,” until everyone went to the “useless seven-day” forecasts.

He emphasized that it was all done for reasons of competition and ratings and that with a “seven-day” forecast, the station and the networks were playing viewers for “fools,” because they normally “couldn’t even get the forecast for tomorrow correct.”


Now, going back to Rush Limbaugh, he was also entirely truthful when he stated that many on the left use hurricanes — and any tragedy that might be associated with them — to hype and push their global warming and climate change narratives.

As I watched The Weather Channel (and others), first, they had Irma going to the east coast of Florida. Then just off the east coast. Then more to the middle of the state. Then the exact middle of Florida. Then more to the west. Then directly over the west coast of Florida.

Are you shittin’ me? Just admit y’all don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and be done with it.

Here on the SW coast of Florida, there was one local forecaster who was so embarrassed by the continually changing predictions, that he did just that. More than that, he admitted that the “science and our instruments were not quite there yet to accurately predict the direction or force of these hurricanes.”

A forecaster for left-leaning CNN next called the models “horrible.”

Good for them because guess what? These ultimately insulting guesswork predictions create real and hazardous consequences. Basically the entire southeast coast of Florida from Miami to Palm Beach were under mandatory evacuation. Millions of people left their homes.

An evacuation of these millions of people which caused great hardship for many — especially the elderly and the infirm — and which cost millions of taxpayer dollars to enforce.


Literally hundreds of thousands of So. Fla residents flee So. Fla when the ‘experts’ had Irma hitting SE Fla.


South Floridians trying to fill their gas tanks in their cars before leaving So. Fla!


We can put a man on the moon and yet, with all the Ph.D’s, scientists, and ‘nutty’ professors running around, we can’t be more accurate in hurricane forecasting?!

After all of that, the SE coast of Florida was no longer even in the projected cone of Irma, as it had been moved to the west coast of the state (yet, ‘geniuses’ like Norcross and his cronies still cautioned that Irma “could go back to the east.”)

YAAAWN....okay, Bryan.

Ironically — and quite dangerously — many of the people in and around Miami fled to Naples, Fla., or other cities on the west coast here because the weather “experts,” “projections,” “cones,” and “spaghetti models” told them that side of the state would be much safer.

Until it wasn’t!

Sure, Irma did put millions of people at risk on both coasts and should have been taken very seriously – as my daughter and myself took her, and went to a shelter at the middle school in North Port (Sarasota county), Fla. My point being, all the more reason not to guess, pretend, or lecture!

My conservo blogger friend summed it up best:

“The laughingly inaccurate “models” and “cones” became the cruelest of jokes played on the residents of Florida desperately trying to figure out which way to run or even survive.

Ultimately, the real lessons with Irma are that weather forecasting is far from an exact science and should never be exploited for political reasons or monetary gain.

Hopefully, those on the left who control almost everything in the field of meteorology will agree with that.

If for no other reason than to put fewer lives at risk.”



Surviving Irma, and…an Evac Shelter




As many of my close friends and family know, I’m not only an independent cuss, but at times I can also be as stubborn as a Missouri mule…and just as ornery.

Which is why I kept debating back and forth with myself whether to evacuate or not as hurricane Irma not only intensified, but changed course suddenly and started heading right towards our home here in SW Fla (Pt. Charlotte, Charlotte county).

Last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I made several trips to the grocery store to stock up on water; emergency first-aid supplies; flashlight batteries and various non-perishable canned goods and snacks for my daughter, Ciara, and myself. I also filled the car up with gas Thurs. morning. So…Ciara and I were set to ‘hunker down’ here at home and ride Irma out…or so we thought.




ABOVE: Was pretty well prepared, food and water wise, for Irma


Now, I grew up in South Fla in the 50s and 60s in Carol City (now known as the infamous Miami Gardens), and Hialeah – both located in Miami-Dade county. And, as a kid, I recall our family riding out several major hurricanes with no serious damage to our homes or personal injury. E.g, Hurricane Donna (1960); Cleo (1964); Betsy (1965); and I was still a cop in Palm Bch county in 1992 when hurricane Andrew hit the Florida City / Homestead areas.

Frankly, I wasn’t so much concerned about the winds of Irma (though, perhaps I should have been), as I was about the reported storm surges, which are reported to kill more people than the high winds themselves in hurricanes.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, ever since my beloved late wife of 41-yrs and I visited Pt. Charlotte (we were married here at my late folks’ house in October, 1975), we have always wanted to retire here ourselves – which finally came to fruition in Nov, of 2014. Gerri, my wife, passed away this past March due to cardiac and respiratory problems, and our adult daughter (Ciara) lived with us and was our caretaker – who now takes care of ‘pops’ (me).

Our home is pretty solid, but was built in ’61, and I’m currently looking for a newer one for Ciara and myself.


Our home in Pt. Charlotte


Anyway, Pt. Charlotte (actually, most of Charlotte county), is surrounded by water…e.g., the Peace River and Charlotte Harbor (as shown on the map below). Pt. Charlotte beach and park is a beautiful place, and also has a separate olympic-sized swimming pool. The beach is part of the Peace River, and it’s about 2-miles or so
from our home here. Charlotte Harbor is about a mile or so further north of us. Since we’re not considered “on the water”, we’re in the ‘Orange Zone or ‘B’ zone for evacuation purposes, as opposed to the ‘Red Zone’, or ‘A’ zone.



As Irma got closer to SW Fla, more reports were coming in that she would bring “devastating and catastrophic” storm surges, which were a result of her HUGE size and high wind speeds (in excess of 170-mph).

Friday morning I saw where Zone ‘A’ was under a mandatory evac order by the Charlotte County Emergency Operations Center (CCEOC). I told Ciara we’d see what happens by Saturday night, but we’ll still probably ride it out here at home. After all, the previous owners of our home stayed here during hurricane Charlie and the only damage was to the trees in the back yard, along with tearing up the metal storage shed. Hey…I could live with that. Besides, a year after we moved in, we had the big ass oak tree in the front yard – that was right next to the house cut down.

Friday night we began getting sporadic high winds (45-plus mph) with heavy rain. I saw it coming, as shown in the pics below I took. The church is right across the street from our home. I also had put down our awnings, so thought we’d be fine (also shown below).


The church that is directly across the street from us


Another view from our front yard


I Put the awnings down at our house


I must admit that neither Ciara or myself slept very well Fri. night with all the howling winds and rain. Thank God we never lost our electricity.

I was up about 6am Saturday and after making my coffee, sat down in my ‘cave’ to see what was developing with Irma by watching both The Weather Channel and Fox News – as well as our local station (WINK News). About 10 a.m., I went online and just happened to see on Facebook a post by the CCEOC where NOW the Orange (‘B’) zones are under a mandatory evacuation order!

WTF??!! We’re in Zone ‘B’!



Ciara asked if we were gonna evacuate. I replied with, “And go where?” Every hotel in the state of Fla and most of GA and even the Carolina’s were filled up! I half-way joked to her and said, “If we could get a flight out, hell…I’d force myself to fly and we’d go to Vegas for a few days!” (You see, I’m claustrophobic). I told her that we’ll wait until the afternoon and see what happens.

Well…by 2pm it seemed to be getting worse and STILL heading our way to SW Fla, mainly the Ft. Myers and Naples area, which are only about 30 and 50 miles south of us, respectively. I went online and saw that all the designated shelters in Charlotte county were at capacity. Now. the reason I was so opposed to going to a shelter is due to the fact that I’ve seen news reports of these ‘shelters’ during other hurricanes like Andrew and Katrina – where ya got literally hundreds, and often thousands, of people squeezed into a gym or other open area. Uhhh…HELL NAW!!!

I then happened to see where the high school and two middle schools in North Port (located in Sarasota county), about 15-miles north of us, were designated shelters. When I checked the HS…it too was at capacity, and the middle schools were filling up FAST!!

I told Ciara, “Let’s quick make us some lunch, put Sammy (our dog) in the car, along with our supplies and some pillows, clothes and blankets and get the hell outta here!”

We ate a quick lunch of hot dogs, and started packing the car. I grabbed all my meds, along with important personal, medical and financial records, as well as Gerri’s (my late wife) urn, and headed north.

We arrived at Heron Creek Middle School in North Port (shown below) about 3:45. They had the National Guard there as well as the NP police to control traffic and keep things orderly and moving. Of course, I had to literally park approx. 1/4 mile away from the entrance to the cafeteria where we all had to sign in and register. So, what about all the stuff in our car? No way in hell could Ciara and I lug it all in! It would take several trips back and forth…and we didn’t even know where they’d put us up! It would also probably put me in the hospital – if all that walking back and forth didn’t kill me!

heron creek

Heron Creek Middle School in North Port (Sarasota county), Fla, where we stayed Saturday and Sunday night during Hurricane Irma


We stayed in the class rooms, about 8-10 people per room…though, people (like us), with pets had to leave them in the gymnasium locker rooms


So, we just grabbed our pillows, blankets, my meds, a bag of food and snacks and Sammy and headed towards the front of the school. By the time we got there it was close to 5pm, as I had to stop and rest several times and use my rescue inhaler. A cop told us to go “Around this building, go thru the walkway, go to the right, and you’ll see the cafeteria. You register there.”


We finally make it there, and there had to be hundreds of people in line ahead of us. A woman volunteer was yelling that “All people with animals must get in this line.” JEEZ!!! We go there, and about 6pm make it to one of the registration ladies. We show our ID, fill out some forms, produce Sammy’s vaccination records that I took with me, and get in another line. I must give ’em credit, while we waited, we were served a hot dinner of baked chicken, peas, apple sauce, a carton of milk, and a roll. We later found out that they also would provide breakfast and lunch. Nothing elaborate…but hey…we didn’t expect any meals!

So, we get checked in and registered and get Sammy over to the gym (they provided us with a cage for him), and get him settled in. We put his ‘pee pad’ inside, along with his food and water bowl, and it was our responsibility to walk him, feed him and clean out the cage a couple times a day – weather permitting, of course.

Ciara and I then go to our ‘assigned classroom’, just across from the gym and cafeteria. We get there (by now it’s close to 7pm), and raining. There are about 8-10 other people assigned to that room also that are about my age, and one young girl about Ciara’s age with a 2-yr old kid. We’re really exhausted, and we then find out that one thing they don’t supply are cots! We were told they sent them all to Houston for ‘Harvey’ shelters.


Ciara and I after settling in our assigned classroom


Some of our ‘room mates’ 


Our bedding, pillows and food sack


The majority of the other people had brought their own inflatable beds / air mattresses, or folding lawn chairs to sleep on. Ciara and I laid out the bedding we brought on…what else? – the hard ass floor! Hell, I ended up just sleeping in a chair with my head down on the desk. Of course, we never really slept too much, and just dozed off from pure exhaustion for an hour or so at a time.

They did have several restrooms that were just outside the main door to each classroom, and were inside the buildings. We could also come and go as we pleased to visit our pets; walk around; smoke; go to the cafeteria during set hours (assuming there was any coffee, or other drinks left), or just get some ‘fresh air.’ We were cautioned, though, to “remain on the campus,” lest if we leave…we’re “on our own.”

We made it through Saturday evening fairly well. After b’fast, the weather wasn’t too bad, so I told Ciara I was gonna try and walk back to the car to get another bag or two of our ‘supplies’ and I’ll try to ‘hitch’ a ride back from one of the few staff that were patrolling the grounds on golf carts for security. She went and took care of Sammy while I did that.

I made it to the car after about a half hour, so I just sat inside, smoked a cigarette and drank one of my Diet Dr. Pepper’s. I then happened to see a National Guard guy on a golf cart and waved him down. He saw I was a disabled vet (by my “Disabled Veteran” license plate on my car), and let me put my stuff in his cart and he gave me a ride back to the campus, and even helped me lug it to our classroom. God Bless Our National Guard troops!!

So, we were pretty well set. By Sunday night, the weather really started getting rough. An announcement was made over the classroom’s PA system that for the next 8-10 hours, tropical storm winds are expected with gusts up to 60-mph, and that the school may lose power. Should that happen, they announced, “PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ASSIGNED CLASSROOM!” They then set up an area in the cafeteria for us to pick up a non-perishable bag lunch ( a PB &J sandwich and a small cookie).

Sure enough, about 10pm we lost power. It was getting hot, but we couldn’t open the door for safety reasons, so I put my nose as close to the opening as I could and would get some of the wind – which helped some. Other people followed my lead.

Early Monday morning much of the rain and winds had subsided, and many people (mostly from Pt. Charlotte and North Port), were getting their vehicles and driving them to the front of the classrooms to pack up and leave to go back home. Though, there was one problem. A lot of them got their vehicles stuck in the mud…literally, when they drove over the wet, muddy grass.


Many of these cars that parked in front of the classrooms got stuck in the wet, muddy grass as they tried to leave. I parked our car on the pavement by the school bus pick up (to the right of pic)


I found out that the CCEOC gave an “all clear” sign about 8am. No major street flooding or impassable roads into or out of Pt. Charlotte.

I told Ciara to start packing, and then go get Sammy, and I was going to try and get the car and drive it as close as I could to the classroom and we were gonna leave.

I found a ride back to our car and was able to ‘worm’ my way in by the school bus pick-up area only a few hundred feet from our classroom – close enough, I thought, as I was still on the pavement.

Ciara had Sammy and all our things ready, so we threw it all in the car. I told Ciara, “Just put it anywhere you can. Screw it…neatness don’t count now!” So, we got it all in, put Sammy in the front on Ciara’s lap and we headed back to PC.

NOW…what would we find once we got back home? Driving home via US-41 going south back to Charlotte county, we noticed a lot of the traffic light out. Would we have electricity at home? Hell…would our old home even still be in one piece?

As we neared our home, we saw many homes with part of their roofs torn off, trees down and various debris scattered all over. As I turned down the street we lived on, I saw our house…it looked okay. As I got to the driveway, I noticed that even our metal shed in the back yard was still intact. Hell…except for a lot of tree leaves and a few, small broken tree branches scattered about, it was all there…THANK YOU, LORD!


A large tree that was knocked down in the front yard of a home just up the street from our house


I unlocked the door, and as we entered, I turned on a light…YES!!! THE ELECTRIC IS STILL ON!! Ciara and I began walking around inside to see if there were any leaks. NOTHING!! Well, there were a few minor ones in her bedroom that I found out was from a leak in the outside laundry room roof, but nothing serious – and a guy is coming over this week-end to fix that.

I did notice however, that even though I had the A/C set on 76, it was reading almost 80 in the house. DAMN!! Don’t tell me the A/C went out. I checked the breaker box and saw it was just a breaker switch, so I re-set it, and BINGO…nice cold air!!

As we unpacked and put everything away, I noticed that our i-net, home phone and tv’s were out. We have them all bundled on Comcast, and I checked with our neighbors who said that they were told by Comcast that it would be a “few days” before service was restored, as they “blew out” their main cable boxes in our area. WTF…that’s just an inconvenience…I considered ourselves blessed as long as we had electric and a home to come back to.

About 2pm yesterday afternoon our i-net, etc also came back on.

So, all in all, we survived, and things are getting back to normal around here. It could have been much worse for us, as it was for those people in the Fla Keys and elsewhere. It was, a humbling experience.

Epilogue: As much as I didn’t care for the ‘accommodations’ at the shelter, they too, could have been much worse! So, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Sarasota County Schools and especially the staff and volunteers at Heron Creek Middle School in North Port, who went far ‘above and beyond’ what they had to do in order to make us as comfortable as possible. Ditto with the North Port police officers and members of the Fla. National Guard who, despite the circumstances, kept tight security for our safety, as well as personally assisting many of us who have disabilities and/or physical limitations.

I would also be remiss not to acknowledge all the volunteers and staff in the cafeteria who prepared and handed out food; the registration staff; the animal care staff; and many others who helped all of us there.

I’ll be turning 64-yrs old in less than two months, and this was my first experience having to evacuate for a hurricane – and I pray it will be my last. My prayers and thoughts are also with those who were left homeless and lost everything as a result of Irma (as well as those victims of Harvey). May the Lord strengthen their faith, and give them hope and consolation.

“May The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: May The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: May The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.” – Numbers 6:24-26

Is Houston’s Mayor Becoming a Scapegoat?


ABOVE: Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner defended his decision not to evacuate the city in a press conference Sunday. He said: “If you think the situation right now is bad, you give an order to evacuate, you are creating a nightmare. Especially when it’s not planned.”




Let me begin by saying that I, for one, am praying for the people of Houston who were affected by ‘Harvey’s’ catastrophic and devastating floods. At last count, officials in Texas said this afternoon that at least nine people appear to have died as a result of the storm battering the state. That toll includes six people in Harris County, home to Houston; one person in Rockport, near where Harvey made landfall; and another person in La Marque, near Galveston.

Authorities expect the toll to rise as rescue efforts continue and more rain, rising rivers and surging floodwaters pummel the Gulf Coast. Forecasters say up to 20 inches of additional rain could fall on parts of Texas and Louisiana by Thursday.

That said, it seems that pundits on both the Right and Left, as well as run-of-the-mill conservos and libos – mostly on social meda – are making Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner to be the scapegoat for the destruction and deaths due to the flooding by Harvey.

Now look…I’ll also say I ain’t got a dog in this fight one way or the other. I don’t know Hizzoner from the man-in-the-moon, other than he’s a libo, progressive and an attorney and politician who was previously a member of the Texas House of Representatives from 1989 until 2016 when he was elected Mayor of Houston.

Sure, he may have acted “stupidly” by not enacting (several DAYS in advance of Harvey), a mandatory evacuation. But such was not the case – obviously.

But let’s be intellectually honest here…do we, as (supposedly), half-way intelligent citizens, really need a politician to tell us when to get the fuck outta harm’s way…like we were kindergarten kids? Are we too damn ignorant to think for ourselves?

If there’s a storm brewing several states away from my state here in Fla, and the National Weather Service (NWS) as well as the National Hurricane Center (NHC) shows it’s projected future path coming towards my county…I’m outta here to safer ground! I’m not gonna wait until the city and county pols have to “tell me” to evacuate – or not evacuate! The ultimate decision is mine and mine alone, even if the local pols “tell me” to “stay put.” And…should I choose to listen to ’em and all hell breaks loose – are they to blame? NO! I am ultimately responsible for MY own decisions and actions (or lack of)…unless they were holding a gun to my head.

I don’t mean to sound callous here, either…but the citizens of Houston were warned – by both the NWS and NHC well in advance that Houston was in grave danger of flooding! But sadly, the vast majority of ’em listened to their mayor…and paid the price. Granted, Turner could have had time to implement a safe and orderly evacuation plan had he acted several DAYS in advance…but he chose not to, and for that, he must bear some responsibility…but not all! People (I would assume), are still capable of thinking for themselves.

I lived in NW Houston during the late 70’s and early 80’s, and even during an average summer rain, with no storms, there would be several inches of water in the streets, so I know how flood prone it is – and it was worse back then!

On Thursday, the NHC said that Harvey was expected to make landfall “very late Friday to early Saturday morning,” adding that there’s no way to determine the exact time.

It went on to say that Harvey was approximately 115 miles southeast of Corpus Christi and NHC spokesman Dennis Feltgen said that the storm is headed toward the middle Texas coastline at about 10 mph.

The storm’s maximum sustained winds were 110 mph Friday morning, according to the advisory.

Other advance warnings from the NHC were:

– The National Hurricane Center predicted this week that it could make landfall, affecting Corpus Christi, Tex., Houston and New Orleans, among other cities.

– Depending on the track and speed of Harvey, enough rain may fall on portions of Texas and Louisiana to bring the risk of major flooding from Friday to early next week.

– A state of disaster was declared for 30 counties in Texas before the arrival of Harvey, Gov. Abbott announced on Wednesday.

– Into Friday, Harvey will travel over the warm waters of the western Gulf of Mexico.

“Life threatening storm surge inundation is expected, and a slow drift of the storm could result in catastrophic flooding possible, especially south of the I-10 corridor,” according to The National Weather Service. “Catastrophic flooding” was predicted.

On Thursday, Texas escalated its readiness level for the storm, saying that even as a tropical depression, Harvey posed a threat of imminent disaster, including severe flooding, storm surge and damaging winds, in at least 30 counties.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced that he was pre-emptively declaring a state of disaster for those counties, a formal declaration that allows Texas to quickly deploy resources for any emergency. He encouraged Texans to get ready.

“As the State Operations Center increases its readiness levels, I also encourage Texans in the storm’s path to make their own emergency preparations, heed warnings from local officials, and avoid high water areas,” he said on Wednesday.

Then, Abbott, (a Repub), suggested that residents should leave Houston during his news conference on Friday. “Even if an evacuation order hasn’t been issued by your local official, if you’re in an area between Corpus Christi and Houston, you need to strongly consider evacuating.”

TOO LATE, GUV!! Ya should have ordered and implemented an emergency evac order a week before! So, Abbott must also take a ‘bite of this shit pie’ along with the mayor!

“You cannot in the city of Houston put 2.3 million people on the road,” Turner (correctly) said in a press conference Sunday.

“That is dangerous. When you combine Houston and Harris County, you literally cannot put 6.5 million people on the road. If you think the situation right now is bad, you give an order to evacuate, you are creating a nightmare. Especially when it’s not planned.”

He cited Houston’s attempts to evacuate in 2005 for Hurricane Rita when about 2.5 million people tried to get out of Houston, which caused traffic jams and left 100 people dead (shown below).

rita evac

ABOVE: Literally millions of Houstonians were scrambling en masse to evacuate at once – with no contingency plan during Hurricane Rita (what if the mayor had given a mandatory evac order, and all these cars were caught in Harvey’s flooding!!)

rita evac1

ABOVE: Martha Velazquez stands on the road during stalled traffic while she tries to evacuate in advance of Hurricane Rita


Houston resident Kamerra Franklin, who was in the city when Hurricane Rita hit in 2005, said on Twitter that it’s not so easy to evacuate a big city. More than 100 people ultimately died while fleeing Rita, which ended up causing $12 billion in damage across several states.

“We TRIED to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Rita…which was supposed to be a direct hit to Houston shortly after Katrina,” Franklin wrote on Twitter, while noting that the freeway she was stuck on 12 years ago was totally underwater post-Harvey. “Anyway, I got to sit on a freeway for 23 hours. 23 HOURS!!!! 23 hours to get from Houston to San Antonio, where we evacuated. It usually takes 3-4.”

You see, a planned and coordinated evacuation plan required more time than they had. It required being able to evacuate people to the west as well as north.

It requires being able to get a fleet of emergency buses from the State of Texas – a fleet normally housed in San Antonio. Those are needed first to help those who can’t help themselves.

The first to go are people who need help. People who are disabled, who cannot drive, who can’t afford gas or otherwise need assistance can put their names on the Texas Emergency Assistance Registry so that when disaster strikes, the authorities come knocking on their door.

“The big question: do they pull the trigger on an evacuation?”, said Michael Walter, spokesman for the Houston Office of Emergency Management.

“The evacuation decision is made collectively as a group, they aim to make the call two to three days before projected landfall.”

“Our primary concern is making sure we have buses available for those people who don’t have vehicles available to evacuate,” Walter said.

He explained that the state sends a fleet of emergency buses that are normally housed in San Antonio. Ambulances and Houston Metro vehicles can also join the effort.

Then the evacuation unfolds in a stepwise fashion according to a zoned map, which was refined after an earlier evacuation plan caused confusion in the run-up to Hurricane Rita.

So, the Guv started talking about evacuation on Friday, no doubt hoping to spare himself any blame. I don’t recall hearing about any attempts to send those (state) buses to Houston.

So Abbott apparently expected a mass evacuation of Houston without the plans they’d put in place, without the time they needed.

People are missing an important point here.

In other words, as for the state buses, if Turner said “no” they’d get here and turn around, then sure…he would – and should – have been mostly responsible. But seems to me that old Repub Guv Abbott is now tossing this proverbial hot potato onto the mayor’s lap.

People are also trying to pin some of the blame on President Trump. That too is BULLSHIT! The prez cannot dictate what actions the local and/or state officials make in situations like this. He can’t force any federal help or assistance on ’em unless requested by state officials.

As a matter of fact, on Friday, Trump signed a federal disaster declaration to support the local response in Texas, which the president said in a tweet “unleashes the full force of government help!”

And…just today, Trump declared a state of emergency for Louisiana and ordered federal assistance to supplement response efforts to the storm, beginning Aug. 27 and continuing. Trump’s action allows the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to coordinate all disaster relief efforts.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) had asked Trump in a statement on Sunday for assistance, citing the National Weather Service’s warning that coming rainfall could pose “serious danger to life and property of the citizens of our state.”

The bottom line my friends…when we’re made aware of a severe hurricane or tropical storm that the NWS and/or NHC predicts WILL cause destruction in our areas – LEAVE…avoid the rush, as it were! If it turns out to be nothing…so be it. But IF, as in the case of Rita, Harvey, et al., it does hit and cause flooding, etc…you and your family are safe.

But we need to stop waiting for the local and state pols to tell us what to do; how to do it; and when to do it! FUCK ‘EM…I, for one will make my own decisions, and should things ‘go south’, I got no one to blame but MYSELF!

Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio…and the Whiny Lefties Lose it (AGAIN!)

sheriff joe

“I am pleased to inform you that I have just granted a full Pardon to 85 year old American patriot Sheriff Joe Arpaio…He kept Arizona safe!” – President Trump in a Tweet from Friday, 8-25-17


“AAARGHHH…Hillary, I need a huggie and my safe space! AAARGHHH”


Boo-hooo-hooo…our poor widdo libo friends are all shitting their collective pampers and scurrying to their safe spaces for group hugs because President Trump (rightfully) pardoned former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio yesterday.

Arpaio, 85, had been found guilty of “criminal contempt” in a kangaroo court for “defying a judge’s order” to stop traffic patrols that allegedly targeted illegal immigrants.

He had been charged with misdemeanor contempt of court for allegedly willfully defying a judge’s order in 2011 and prolonging his patrols for another 17 months.

Uhhh…but that is exactly what all LE people are supposed to do – apprehend and turn over to the immigration authorities any and all illegal immigrants!!

This was nothing more than an unlawful prosecution and political lynching against Sheriff Joe by our former Raghead-in-Chief…HUSSEIN Obozo! Oh yeah, and Obozo also appointed the so-called judge who ‘convicted’ Arpaio, without the benefit of a jury trial. Gee…don’t ya know, old Adolf, Fidel and Pol Pot would sure be proud of ’em, huh?

Hell, Obozo should have been impeached for not doing his sworn obligations as POTUS, by ordering LE not to enforce our country’s current immigration laws!

Obozo completely neglected the border and immigration enforcement. For crying out loud – people were getting killed regularly in AZ by these illegal vermin!

Sheriff Joe was responsible for the safety of the people. Arizona had a $9-Billion dollar budget and was spending TWO Billion on illegals. Sheriff Joe was picking up illegals and calling the Feds to come pick ’em up. Obozo and his cohorts took offense and concocted a way to prosecute Sheriff Joe. Obozo’s people got him for (allegedly) not following a (bogus) “court order” to stop picking up illegals. So, Joe gets prosecuted for doing the job that Obozo was supposed to do by law but wouldn’t. It was a political prosecution by open borders people in Obozo’s admin.

But hey…Obozo needed all those illegal votes (along with the dead ones’) for his re-election, as well as Killary’s run in ’16.

Kinda reminds me of the words of MLK’s retort to the judge in one of his trials: “Your Honor has a duty to uphold your law. I have my duty to disobey unjust laws!”

And Sheriff Joe chose to do the same, again to fulfill his responsibility to the people. And to hell with what some so-called judge said. FUCK HIM…AND OBOZO!

Arpaio was expected to be sentenced on Oct. 5 and faced up to six months in jail if convicted of this manufactured “charge”.

“Sheriff Joe Arpaio is now 85 years old, and after more than 50 years of admirable service to our Nation, he is worthy candidate for a Presidential pardon,” the WH stated in a press release yesterday (shown below).


And Trump even gave us all a heads up about this at his rally. In Phoenix, on Tuesday, Trump asked the crowd if Arpaio was “convicted for doing his job?”

The crowd cheered.

“He should have had a jury, but I’ll make a prediction: He’ll be just fine,” Trump said. “But I won’t do it tonight, because I don’t want to cause any controversy.”

“We’ll see what happens,” Arpaio said amid discussion of the pardon.

“[I]t doesn’t matter because I’m still going to support him as long as he is the president of the United States because that’s the way I am,” Arpaio said. “I don’t desert for political reasons. I’ll stick with him.”

I also must give kudos (as I’ve done many other times here), to renowned civil rights lawyer Alan Dershowitz, a prominent scholar on United States constitutional law and criminal law, and a leading defender of civil liberties, and Professor Emeritus at Harvard Law School.

Prof. Dershowitz said that Trump “has the legal right” to pardon Arpaio.

“That’s completely within the power of the president,” Dershowitz told Newsmax’s JD Hayworth.

“He has the right to look at all the facts and if he thinks it’s political, then he obviously should issue a pardon.”

“It’s important to know all the facts of all the cases,” Dershowitz told Hayworth. “The fact that it was done in the run-up to reelection makes it sound very political. The fact that they concocted it as a nonjury trial makes it sound political.”

But hey, I guess many of our pseudo ‘legal scholars’ on various blogs know much more about constitutional law than Prof. Dershowitz, huh?

Friends, its also interesting that many comments come from libos who are so steeped in political correctness that they don’t understand that such politcal correctness is killing people all over the world. I mean, hell – we can’t call them “Islamic terrorists” because it might offend their sensibilities, so they continue to kill Christians and Jews; we must shout down and abuse anyone speaking on campus who supports the conservative message because, again, someone’s widdo feewings may get damaged; a conservative wins an election so we must provide students and employees with weeping rooms, consolation pets, coloring books, group hugs, and sensitivity training so we don’t offend the limp wristed libs. And… calling “illegal immigrants” such a name when we should know that they are really “undocumented citizens,” is kind of like calling drug dealers “unlicensed pharmacists,” or burglars in your home “undocumented guests.” Sheriff Joe called criminals what they are, and because of political correctness, the law was abrogated and he gets convicted of phony crimes to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the left for its hatred of conservos.

We must also ask, where was all this pissing and moaning by the libtards when Obozo was wrapping up his presidency much like he spent his time in the Oval Office: ignoring the need for criminal justice reform and continuing to support criminals who have brazenly chosen to ignore the law, by setting modern records for clemency, pardons, reducing or canceling sentences for more than 600 federal inmates, more than his nine predecessors going back to JFK combined.

He had commuted the sentences of 1,176 individuals, including 395 life sentences. Obozo also granted pardons to 78 individuals, bringing his total number of pardons to 148.

One of the commuted sentences he granted was the one he gave to ‘she-man,’ Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, who was sentenced to 35-yrs in Leavenworth for violating the Espionage Act, stealing government property, violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, multiple counts of disobeying orders, leaking military and diplomatic activities to WikiLeaks when he was in Army intelligence.

Another sentence Obozo commuted was that of a thug named Richard Reid,who was already a two-time felon when authorities searched his Delaware apartment and found marijuana, crack cocaine divided into sales-size plastic bags, powder cocaine, a scale — and a loaded .32 caliber handgun, an unloaded .25 caliber pistol and ammunition for two other types of weapons. He had been sentenced to 25-yrs. Reid had served only 7-yrs when Obozo commuted his sentence, saying he’s “done enough time.”

Obozo ‘forgave’ six of Reid’s gun crimes, in addition to the drug trafficking and possession offenses for which he was convicted in 2007.

He is one of 107 federal inmates who have had gun crimes convictions pardoned or sentences commuted during Obozo’s administration, including a number who used firearms while dealing drugs or who carried them despite having felonies on their records. Still others were caught lying to gun dealers or carrying weapons with the registration numbers filed off — suggesting an even deeper level of gun crime.

“This is the most incredible hypocrisy,” said Erich Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America. “The president has commuted the sentences of dangerous criminals who were convicted of gun-related charges. But then, he does everything in his power to block law-abiding gun owners from purchasing firearms.”


“On one hand, the Obama administration is attempting to limit law-abiding Americans from exercising their Second Amendment right and protecting themselves from harm,” said Sen. Richard C. Shelby, Alabama Republican at the time. “On the other hand, the president will let criminals with firearm-related offenses off easy.”

Right?! Go figure…

And yet, these same moronic libos are whining over Sheriff Joe getting pardoned by Trump for a politically motivated – and unlawful, misdemeanor charge against a true American patriot lawman of impeccable character, and had previously served as a police officer in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas before being appointed as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, which later became part of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), where he served for 25-years, before being elected sheriff of Maricopa county in 1992 and serving as sheriff there until 2016.

Oh yeah, lastly, I’m also glad to hear that Trump signed the ban on Trannies serving in our military – but that’s another post.


Antifa Brings Their Violence and Terrorism to Phoenix




Phoenix police use tear gas and ‘pepper spray’ on the violent and cowardly Antifa terrorists Tuesday night in Phoenix


“You know, they show up in the helmets and the black masks, and they’ve got clubs and they’ve got everything — Antifa!…I call them anarchists. Because, believe me, we have plenty of anarchists. They don’t want to talk about the anarchists.” – President Trump at his rally in Phoenix, AZ on Aug. 22nd.


Let me make this crystal clear for you anti-American nitwits who actually praise the antifa domestic terrorists…if y’all defend them in any way, then y’all are also defending the likes of Pol Pot; Vladimir Lenin; Ho Chi Minh; Fidel Castro, and YES – even Adolf HITLER!!

We all saw the violence and hate by antifa in C’ville against those who were there (legally, and had obtained a legal permit), to peacefully protest the removal of our nation’s historic statues. Antifa then brought that same terrorism to Boston, and then to Phoenix Tuesday night, as the above pics clearly show.

Let’s start with the facts in C’ville.

The political left have turned this incident into the biggest fake news story of the summer, transforming its real lessons into a morality play that justifies war against the political right, and against white people generally.

The organizers of the “Unite the Right” came to defend a historic monument honoring a complex man and cause, and not to attack it or anyone else (unless, in self-defense).


CHARLOTTESVILLE: The Unite the Right people (as seen on the left here), were lawfully and peacefully marching, when they were attacked by the antifa thugs (seen to the right), simply for exercising their 1st Amendment rights!

State of emergency declared after clashes at Virginia white nationalist rally

Unite the Right people were forced to defend themselves against unwarranted attacks by the leftist terrorists in C’ville!



They applied for a permit and were initially denied. They re-applied successfully in a petition supported by the local ACLU.

If they had come to precipitate violence, why would they have gone to the trouble of applying for a permit?

Who knows what — if anything — would have happened if that had been the end of the story and no one had showed up to oppose them.

This supposed national show of strength actually attracted all of 500 people.

Compare that to the tens of the thousands who can readily be marshaled by two violent groups of the alt-left — Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa — and you get an idea of how marginal “white supremacists” are to America’s political and cultural life.

Omitted from the MSM coverage were the other forces at work in precipitating the battle of Emancipation Park, specifically the BLM ‘apes’ and Antifa, two violent left-wing groups with racial agendas who came to squelch the demonstration in defense of the monument.

Unlike the Unite the Right demonstrators, the leftist groups did not apply for permits, which would have been denied since there was another demonstration scheduled for that park on that day.

But hell, why should they have applied for a permit, since the mayhem they had previously caused in Ferguson, Berkeley, Sacramento, Portland and other cities, was accomplished without permits, while their criminality was presented by the media as “protests,” and their rioting went completely unpunished.

In other words, there were two demonstrations in Charlottesville — a legal protest by the peaceful – and lawful, Unite the Right and an illegal protest by the vigilantes of Antifa and BLM.

Who started the fight is really immaterial. Both sides were prepared for violence because these conflicts are already a pattern of our deteriorating civic life.

Once the two sides had gathered in the same place, the violence was totally predictable.

Two parties, two culpabilities; but except for the initial statement of President Trump, condemning both sides, only one party has been held accountable, and that happens to be the one that was in the park legally.

What is taking place in the MSM accounts and political commentaries on this event is an effort by the left to turn the mayhem in C’ville into a template for their war against a mythical enemy — “white supremacy” — which is really a war on white people generally.

The ideology that drives the left and divides our country is “identity politics” — the idea that the world consists of two groups — “people of color” who are guiltless and oppressed, and white people who are guilty and oppressors.

This is the real race war, my friends.

Its noxious themes inform the mindless, hysterical hatred of the south, and the equally mindless support of racist mobs like BLM and Antifa.

We know that Michael Signer, the commie mayor of Charlottesville, declared his city to be the “capital of the resistance” just after Trump’s inauguration. We know that fucktard Gov. Terry McAuliffe is a corruptocrat, joined at the hip to the Clintons. He pardoned sixty-thousand felons in order to ensure he delivered his state to the election of Killary (yet, these libo commies and their ilk are now pissed that Trump will give former Maricopa county sheriff, Joe Arpaio a pardon?!) We know he (Terry McAuliffe) would like to run for prez himself.

I submit that Signer and McAuliffe, in conjunction with Antifa and other Soros-funded groups like BLM, planned and orchestrated what happened in C’ville and meant for events to unfold roughly as they did! If they did, it was icing on their sick, immoral cake. If this was all part of a plan, one would hope those behind it suffer for their part in and responsibility for the tragic death of a young woman, Heather Heyer. Oh, and btw, there has been much attention given to Heather’s death, as well there should be. She was an innocent young woman who was doing what she felt compelled to do making a stand, and she paid the price for it with her life.

Now, we must ask, as we ponder the tragic death of another young American woman, Kate Steinle. For whatever reason — and we know why — there was not the same amount of coverage or national sympathy that went out for Kate Steinle.

As a matter of fact, I recall then-Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, being asked about Ms. Steinle’s death before a Congressional hearing…his response was “who?”

Hell, there may even be those of you who shamefully shifted over to a Google search on Kate Steinle. Let me remind you, she was a young American woman out for a walk with her dad in San Francisco who was gunned down by a criminal illegal alien. Kate Steinle died in her dad’s arms, her life tragically taken away as she was enjoying a peaceful time with her family. There was no cause or protest surrounding her fateful murder. She fell victim not just to the bullet that caused her death, but a policy, and ideological agenda that enabled her death.

However, in the aftermath of Kate Steinle’s sad and preventable murder, where was the national outrage to end the policy of sanctuary cities and states? Imagine the feeling of betrayal and disregard when the Steinle family saw the San Francisco city council and the state of California renew their pledge to be a sanctuary city. And this is happening all over the United States, my friends. Americans are being killed by criminal illegal aliens, but no one is covering their memorial services nationally, and the number of sanctuary cities is growing.

Americans were gunned down at Ft. Hood by a known, radical raghead, but the left, via Obozo, termed it “workplace violence.” Americans were gunned down in Orlando and San Bernardino and via the left and Obozo we were told it was about “gun control.” Then was the death of Heather Heyer about “car control?” Why was it that the left didn’t pursue the naming convention of militant Islamic terrorism…everyone wants to refer to what happened in C’ville as domestic terrorism.

Will the maniacal demon who ran over and killed Heather Heyer be featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone, as the Boston Marathon Islamic jihadist was? Of course he won’t, but I think y’all get my point.

Now, on to the Boston Common rally.

Although downplayed by the MSM, it too was filled with violence, anger, and arrests by the antifa and BLM terrorists. The whole protest thing slipped out of control, and tens of thousands of “counterprotesters” walked in the streets, and chanted their anti-free speech rhetoric. They planned to stop the “free speech” rally mostly because people thought that white-supremacists will be there, too. Nobody thought that this would happen…



The organizers of the free speech rally in Boston, can clearly be seen being civil, peaceful and non-violent (top pic), when the antifa terrorists initiated violence, and were subsequently arrested (above).


“Peaceful and law-abiding” BLM ‘apes’? 


Rally attendees left the Boston Common pavilion at 1 p.m. That was the end of the planned event, and the antifa thugs cheered to their move. They danced and sang, “Hey hey, ho ho. White supremacy has got to go.” (gee…real mature, huh?)

Reports confirm that over 40,000 counter-protesters chanted in the streets, and half of them marched across the town. Police officers had to intervene and accompany rally attendees out of the Common. At this point, as on cue, the terrorist antifa thugs became violent, and the incident ended with 27 arrests – ALL of the arrests were of antifa commies and their pals!

Counter protesters clash with Boston Police outside of the Boston Commons and the Boston Free Speech Rally in Boston, Massachusetts

ABOVE: Antifa thugs clash with Boston Police outside of the Boston Commons and the Boston Free Speech Rally in Boston

A counter protester is detained by Boston Police outside of the Boston Commons and the Boston Free Speech Rally in Boston, Massachusetts

ABOVE: An antifa punk is arrested by Boston Police outside of the Boston Commons and the Boston Free Speech Rally in Boston


ABOVE: These are some of the antifa terrorists that the lefties defend!


Boston Police Commissioner William Evans confirmed the information, noting that no officers were injured in the incident. Three of the antifa terrorists wore ballistic vests, and one of them was armed.

Then there was last night in Phoenix.

Sure, it began as a peaceful protest outside the Phoenix Convention Center (probably due to the high number of police there). But then, in true leftist antifa and BLM anti-free speech form and fashion, it turned chaotic as police officers used tear gas to manage the thousands protesting Trump’s rally there (as shown at the top of this post).

You see, its simply against the alt-left commies nature to act like even some facsimile of civilized human beings.

A police helicopter circled overhead crowds of protesters, telling them to leave the area. Other officers on the ground urged remaining protesters to disperse or be arrested for unlawful assembly.

“Anti-Trump protesters in the crowd began fighting and throwing rocks and bottles at police,” Sgt. Jonathan Howard, of the Phoenix Police Department, said in a statement to CNN. “They also dispersed some gas in the area. Police have responded with pepper balls and oc (pepper) spray in an attempt to disperse the crowd and stop the assaults.”


ABOVE: Antifa pussies walk away crying after being sprayed by police with pepper spray…personally, I’d have used .40 Glock rounds on their commie asses!! 


Two people were arrested for aggravated assault and one person was arrested for criminal damage, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said at a news conference. The fourth arrest was made due to an unrelated warrant, Williams said. Two officers were treated for heat exhaustion, Williams said, but no officers were injured during the protests.

Lastly, regarding Antifa and their ilk, look…my late dad, fought Hitler’s army during World War II—we need to recognize Antifa for the scumbags that they are.
These self-styled “anti-fascists,” do indeed pose a threat to this country and it’s citizens!

They see themselves as justified in repudiating civilization by resorting to violence against those who they regard as “fascist”—i.e. anyone to the slightest right of these far-left losers—that explains why they imperil our country.

What decisively establishes Antifa as a threat to America is that, subsequent to Charlottesville, these self-regarding “anarcho-communists” now have the sympathies of their ideological brethren in “the Establishment,” what many call the Big GAME (Government-Academia-Media-Entertainment complex).

Trump, to his credit, also pointed out that for as repugnant as some of the rally attendees undoubtedly were, they had assembled lawfully. They had respected our Constitution. The cowardly, terrorist, mask-wearing “counter-demonstrators” who came to meet them with baseball bats, clubs, bottles filled with concrete, feces, urine, acid, bear mace, guns, and even a makeshift flame-thrower had no permit to block thoroughfares. They violated the Constitution!

Neither did they have a permit to assault with deadly weapons those whose presence and ideas they resented.

Make no mistake about it – Antifa is an enemy of America – and Americans! Its members regularly march under the banner of the Sickle and Hammer (shown below), have long referred to America as a “fascist” state, and have a habit of burning American—or AmeriKan—flags.


Antifa MUST be identified for the terrorist organization that it is…no different that ISIS!  Antifa members are TERRORISTS!

This is not hyperbole. A violent act is a terrorist act, and the perpetrator is a terrorist, if three conditions are satisfied: (1) The perpetrator is a non-state actor; (2) The violence is aimed at civilians; and (3) the violence unleashed upon civilians is designed to affect changes in government policy.

A terrorist need not be successful in his or her aspirations in order to be a terrorist. The members of so-called “Antifa” meet all three of these criteria.

They are terrorists.

Last but not least, these are the same anti-American terrorists who allegedly “mainstream” Dems not only refuse to disavow, but for whom they now apologize. This is to their eternal shame. They are complicit in the violence, in the terrorism of those who function as the strong-arm wing of their party.

As I’ve said many times before, this politically correct violence and politically correct hatred is leading the nation towards civil war!

And, we…as American Patriots, must stand and ban together and say, “NO MORE!” We will continue to defend ourselves and others who cannot defend themselves against these anarchists and terrorists – using any and all force necessary…up to and including DEADLY FORCE!

You fucktard commies have been warned!!




Guest Article by Jack Kelly

jack kelly

NOTE: Jack Kelly is a former Marine and Green Beret, and was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force during the Reagan Administration. Until his retirement in January 2017, he was the national security writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In the following article, he hits the nail spot on the head re: the C’ville incident. (all emphasis mine)



By Jack Kelly


Way more than 99 percent of Americans agree. People who embrace Nazism or KKK racism are a tiny fraction of our people. The Anti-Defamation League puts the KKK membership at some 3,000 – 1,000th of 1%.

But Leftists assert President Trump and his supporters are closet Nazis. This is pathological guilt by association, Alinsky hypocrisy on steroids. The world of Orwell’s 1984 exists in Charlottesville.

So it’s critically important now to remember: The Left always projects. They always smear their opponents of being what they are, proponents of fascist thuggery.

Some saw in Charlottesville last weekend an ugly reprise of the street battles between Nazis and Communists in Berlin in the 1930s. But back then, the German Communist Party was a real political force, the obstacle Hitler had to remove to establish his Nazi dictatorship.

“White Nationalists” aren’t an organized political force in any way. “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter” on the other hand, are with mucho millions in funding from George Soros and others.

These two groups clashed in Thomas Jefferson’s home town: “White Nationalists” were there to peacefully protest removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from a public park, “Antifa” went there to violently confront them and beat them up.

“Nazi” is the German acronym for “National Socialist.” Antifa’s chief funder, George Soros, was a Nazi collaborator. Most any Antifa/BLM member would agree that this statement could be their manifesto:

“We are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of the human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

That is until you tell them it was Nazi ideologist Gregor Strasser who said it as Hitler’s manifesto.

In a free society, we all have a right peaceably to assemble to peacefully express our views no matter how disagreeable to others. In fact, having the freedom to say unpopular things is the very purpose of the First Amendment regarding speech.

So, yes, people say things that enrage us, hurt our feelings. But to respond with violence to what they said is verboten, out of bounds, beyond the pale.

President Trump condemned “hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.” His critics expressed outrage because he didn’t explicitly blame White Nationalists for it.

Why didn’t he? Could it be because White Nationalists didn’t start the brawl?

They held their version of a Nuremberg torchlight parade Friday night. While many found it disgusting, it was entirely peaceful. So was their march Saturday: peaceful. Violence broke out as it was ending – and after the police all left. Once the police were gone, Antifa was free to attack.

And note: the peaceful folks had a permit to protest. The violent folks didn’t.

A 20 year-old white guy with a history of mental problems, James Fields, drove into a crowd, killing Heather Heyer, 32, injuring many. Reporter Taylor Lorenz was an eyewitness. She tweeted:

“Instantly, the entire chorus of the Left, from fascist Antifa thugs to every Lying Swine journo started screaming that Fields’ “terrorism” proves that every white person in America is a crypto-racist-terrorist.”

Here’s a question: If Fields had shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he mowed down pedestrians, would anyone in the MSM call what he did “terror?” Would there be multiple stories worrying about the danger of Whiteophobia with headlines “White-Americans Fear Backlash After Charlottesville”? Like the PBS headline of June 15, 2016: “Muslim-Americans Fear Backlash After Orlando Mass Shooting.”

Why didn’t President Trump call it terror? Why didn’t he blame it on White Nationalists?

Could it be because at the time he spoke Saturday (8/13), it wasn’t known who drove the car into the crowd, or what the perp’s motives were?

Waiting for evidence before pointing a finger? What a concept!

The president did explicitly and vigorously denounce white supremacists Monday (8/14), but he’d be criticized no matter what he said, or didn’t say. So would every other Republican.

Leftists say President Trump and his supporters are to blame.

In the last few months, Bernie Sanders supporters shot Rep. Steve Scalise, murdered a GOP committeeman in Pennsylvania, stabbed two people to death on a train in Portland, Oregon.

No one in the MSM blames Bernie for what those nutters did. Nor should they.

After a wacko affiliated with Black Lives Matter murdered five police officers in Dallas, President Obama condemned “violence,” but not BLM.

Charlottesville resembled Berlin 1934 because the cops did nothing to stop the violence. This happens a lot in cities governed by Democrats.

Antifa came by the busload with baseball bats and soda cans filled with cement. They intended to hurt people, as they have many times before.

Why did Mayor Signer order his cops to stand down? Why wasn’t the street down which Fields sped blocked off?

Did Signer want Antifa to get its Horst Wessel? Many think so. Michael Singer is a left-wing Democrat, a colleague of John Podesta, and on the side of Antifa.

“There was no police presence,” Brittany Caine-Conley, a minister-in-training at Charlottesville’s United Church of Christ, told the New York Times. “We were watching people punch each other; people were bleeding all the while police were inside the barricades of the park, watching.”

Leftists won’t condemn Antifa. They pin all blame on White Nationalists. Not because of what they did. Because of what they think.

Speech and violence do intersect. Inciting to riot has been a crime for lo these many years. But nearly always, speech isn’t violence, violence isn’t speech.
Leftists blur the distinction to encourage violence against people they don’t like.

Antifa thugs think if they beat up enough normals, they can overthrow the government. Democrats and the Lying Swine make excuses for them. Violence, they say, is okay, even commendable, when it’s employed against “haters.”

This is madness. Orwellian madness. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Hate is Love. Fascism is Anti-Fascism.

Donald Trump is the legitimately elected president. If the “cold” civil war turns hot, there will be no doubt about the allegiance of our Armed Forces. Sorry, Chelsea Handler. The U.S. military doesn’t do coups.

So we’ll have the Marines, the Rangers, the SEALs. They’ll have Antifa, Black Lives Matter, MS-13. Mmmkay.

On which side do you think most cops would be? (OK, unless they work for Mayor Singer.)

Among civilians, who owns over 90% of all the guns? If it comes down to an Antifa thug with a bike lock versus an NRA member with a Glock 27 or AR-15, on whom would you bet?

As Leftists grow more intolerant, belligerent, violent, insane, the more it seems one day we may have to kill them all.

I’m ashamed to admit I’m kinda looking forward to it.


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